With 32 million UK Subscribers, advertising on Spotify enables businesses to reach a broad spectrum of age groups and demographics on a hugely popular platform. Programmatic advertising on Spotify sees subscribers receiving tailored ads through a variety of formats ranging from in-stream adverts, podcast sponsorships and video. Connect with your audience in the moments that matter through targeting solutions based on demographics or advanced options including interests, real-time contexts, genre targeting and fan base targeting for music-related campaigns.

70% of users say advertising on Spotify makes a brand seem trustworthy, reliable, genuine, relevant, innovative, smart, and young.

Audience Targeting

Spotify targeting capabilities enable you to reach listeners across devices, moments and formats as they engage with their favourite music and podcast content.
You can target your audience using a variety of segments based on…

  • Age, Gender & Location
  • Interests
  • Real-time context
  • Genre
  • Fan base

Let’s start with the basics. Through core demographics, you can reach your audience based on who they are.


We know you know it, but it’s worth repeating: Understanding your audience’s context is crucial. That’s why we give you better options for reaching them, no matter how they stay connected.

Connected Home
OS/Mobile Carrier/Device

You can learn a lot about someone by what they listen to. Go beyond demographics by reaching your people through listening behaviors that offer a unique glimpse into your audience’s interests.

Playlist Category
Podcast Category

Want to take your audience targeting one step further? Leveraging Spotify’s Streaming Intelligence, we can help you reach users based on what we predict they’re interested in.

Lookalike Targeting

Even though Spotify is ranked #1 for time spent on mobile apps, we recognize listeners have lives beyond Spotify. Reach users based on how they’re behaving off our platform.

3rd Party Interest Targeting

You don’t need a degree in behavioural economics to know that the best predictor of future behaviour is often what you do in the past. Reach your people based on how they’ve historically interacted with ads on Spotify.

Brand Exposure
Sequential Messaging
Real-time Retargeting

Ad Formats

Our creative team will bring your Spotify campaign to life!

Spotify formats are made to engage not interrupt, so listeners get a great experience and advertisers get better results. Get get in touch to chat more with our creative team about custom campaigns.

Audio advertising allows businesses to create a personal connection with customers in moments when other digital media can’t. Your ads are delivered at the moment listeners are most receptive in a no swipe, no scroll environment.

Reach active listeners on any device, in any environment, during all moments of the day. Programmatic ads are served between songs while there are no distractions, and the listener is focused on what you have to say. Complement your audio ad with a clickable link so listeners can tap to visit your website, app, or online destination.

Unlike other forms of video advertising, the Spotify experience is built for sound on and volume up. That means, there’s no need to restrict your message to primarily visuals or rely on workarounds like subtitles—with video on Spotify, you can spark imagination through eyes and ears. Plus, we only serve video when the user is “in-focus” (looking at the app), meaning you can be confident your message will be seen and heard by your audience.

Video Takeover
Sponsored Sessions

From fans and creators to businesses of all sizes, we’re all experiencing the power of podcasts. Welcome to a storytelling medium that engages and inspires in the moment. With Spotify’s advertising solutions, your message can be a part of this movement— heard by millions of listeners, across a suite of best-in-class content.

People form a strong connection with their favourite podcasts and hosts. For brands, that connection creates a unique opportunity to connect with people in a trusted, direct, and engaging media environment. 41% of podcast listeners trust ads more if they hear them during a podcast.

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