Types of

Types of

Radio is effectively a big speaker, broadcasting content to lots of people at once. How you use that customer attention is often dictated by the campaign objective and what you want people hearing your advert to do. We work with you to create the most effective campaign to get the right results for your business.


Radio Airtime is the most popular type of advertising and is known as spot advertising between the music and presenters talking. Commercials can range from 10-60 seconds. Priority Radio will produce your own unique commercials and plan the airtime schedule based on the brief to ensure the campaign is the most effective and efficient to deliver ROI.


Sponsorships provide a unique opportunity to attach your brand to a powerful, distinctive part of a radio stations output.
From travel bulletins to weather, your key messages will be frequently heard by listeners as they go about their day – building trust and improving brand recall.
It’s an association that pays, positioning your brand alongside the music, the presenters and the station.

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    Promotions capture listeners hearts and minds in an engaging and unmissable way to generate strong results.
    Through a high-impact campaign, Promotions create awareness and talk-ability, alongside strong listener interaction.
    The strength of the Radio Presenter and Listener relationship persuades customers to respond, resulting in direct leads, increased web traffic and improved perception of products and services.